Staff Profile

Core members of the ARCPE consist of scholars from both Hong Kong and mainland China, with a wide spectrum of expertise in environmental biology, chemistry, policy and education. In addition, project-based researchers are actively engaged in different research programmes.

Core member:


Prof. Wong, Jonathan W.C.

Research Assistant Professor

DR. UCHENNA Ogbonnaya

DR. KAUR Guneet


Research Associate 

MS. HUANG Zhaojun, Jessica

MR. NG Albert

Senior Research Assistant

MR. WU Castor

PhD Student

MS. LUO liwen

Research Assistant

MS. TSE Pui Ying, Penny

MS. YAO Ying

Research Fellow 

Dr. Lau, Sam S.S.

Dr. Leung, Kelvin S.Y.

Prof. Mak, Nai Ki

Dr. Qiu, Jianwen

Prof. Wong, Ricky N.S.

Dr. Lai, Kar Man

Dr. Zhang, Tong