Vision and Mission

Carrying the motion of "THINK AHEAD, THINK CLEAN LIVING", the vision of ARCPE is "to develop a platform constituting stakeholders from Hong Kong and PRD that performs applied research to enable the industry and public community to improve the environment of PRD, with the use of environmental technology." The missions of ARCPE are: to create a platform coordinated by the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) for academics, government officials, business and industrial sectors, and members of the public, in order to cultivate a "partnership culture" to work together for a better environment of Hong Kong and PRD;

  • To develop a competent environmental team to tackle environmental problems in Hong Kong and PRD;
  • To advocate the governments of Hong Kong SAR and Guangdong Province on environmental policy;
  • To identify environmental problems and to provide solutions for the industries in Hong Kong and PRD; and
  • To train environmental professionals to serve as trainers to enhance environmental awareness of the community.