Green Roof Benchmarking Program

Green ideas and concepts are of increasing emphasis in Hong Kong in the past few years. This is especially the case in the urban development sectors. It is the policy of the Hong Kong government that pioneers sustainable construction. The Architectural Services Department which is responsible for the majority of the government’s construction projects, adopts innovative sustainable designs that consider environmental compatibility, and the conservation and efficient use of land, energy and material resources. Green roofs involve growing plants on rooftops, aiming at creating greenery in the densely urbanized environment and also mitigating the loss of the vegetated footprint that was destroyed when the building was constructed.

We performed detailed monitoring program to research on the green roof performance, ecological diversity changes, plant species performance, and operation and maintenance performance. Further, to expose the benefits on the green roof application, data on energy saving, storm water retention capacity, and carbon sequestration potential would be evaluated. Developing a bench mark for green roof design, operation and maintenance standard for future reference in Hong Kong's localized context.


  • The green roof project, entitled “Green Living at Sha Tin – Green Living for Schools and Parents Environmental Education Programme and a Research Programme to Benchmark Green Roof Project Design and Implementation”. This project has commenced to cultivate the green living concepts among the Hong Kong people.

  • It is envisaged that the Green Roof Benchmarking Program could realize practices for green living with the installation of green roof and its associated education programmes. In collaboration with Tung Wha Group of Hospitals (TWGHs), the centre (Co-investigator) secured a project from Environmental Education and Community Action (EE&CA) Project from ECF(Environment and Conservation Fund). This project, from the centre part focus on evaluating the performance of green roof, which are to be installed in the selected sites proposed by the TWGHs.