Waste Reduction Through Waste Charging

Community Involvement Projects for Waste Reduction Through Quantity-based Municipal Solid Waste Charging

Quantity-based charging can create financial incentive to drive behavioural changes in waste generation thus reducing the overall amount of waste requiring disposal. In December 2014, after completing a four-month public engagement and subsequent internal deliberation, the Council for Sustainable Development (SDC) published a report setting out its recommendations on how to implement quantity-based charging in Hong Kong. To help the community to prepare for the implementation of MSW charging, the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) Committee has earmarked $50 million for non-profit organizations to organize Community Involvement Projects to simulate the actual scenario as far as practicable where MSW charging is in place and to develop, rehearse and recommend best practices. New measures may also be tried out to effectively implement “Pay As You Throw” among waste producers in the participating premises.

Through participation in the projects, all waste producers and relevant stakeholders in the participating premises would be able to rehearse the charging process and reflect on waste reduction impact so that necessary preparatory work can be undertaken to get ready for full implementation of charging as soon as practicable.