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LI Dongyi

PhD student

Miss LI Dongyi is currently a PhD student at Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University. She is working under the esteemed supervision of Prof. Jonathan Wong. Her Ph.D research focuses on development of effective composting strategies for food waste digestate management. Her research includes application of additive strategies using biochar, zeolite, microbial consortium for the nitrogen conservation and mitigation of NH3 and N2O emissions.


Publication list:

Li, D., Manu, M. K., Varjani, S., & Wong, J. W. (2022). Mitigation of NH3 and N2O Emissions during Food Waste Digestate Composting at C/N ratio 15 using Zeolite Amendment. Bioresource Technology, 127465.

Manu, M. K., Wang, C., Li, D., Varjani, S., Xu, Y., Ladumor, N., ... & Wong, J. W. (2021). Biodegradation kinetics of ammonium enriched food waste digestate compost with biochar amendment. Bioresource Technology, 341, 125871.

Manu, M. K., Li, D., Liwen, L., Jun, Z., Varjani, S., & Wong, J. W. (2021). A review on nitrogen dynamics and mitigation strategies of food waste digestate composting. Bioresource Technology, 334, 125032.

Song, B., Manu, M. K., Li, D., Wang, C., Varjani, S., Ladumor, N., ... & Wong, J. W. (2021). Food waste digestate composting: Feedstock optimization with sawdust and mature compost. Bioresource Technology, 341, 125759.

Liang, J., Luo, L., Li, D., Varjani, S., Xu, Y., & Wong, J. W. (2021). Promoting anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and food waste with different types of conductive materials: Performance, stability, and underlying mechanism. Bioresource Technology, 337, 125384.

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