Events & Activities

01 Mar 2012 Seminars/ Workshops
"Know Your Own Waste" Public Engagement-Community Education Programme: Debate Competition
20 Feb 2012 Seminars/ Workshops
Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emission --- How Could Hong Kong Save the World?
05 May 2011 Seminars/ Workshops
05 May 2011 Seminars/ Workshops
International Conference on Solid Waste 2011 – Innovation in Technology and Management Pre-conference Workshop
03 May 2011 Conference
International Conference of Solid Waste 2011 - Moving Towards Sustainable Resource Management
08 Dec 2010 Seminars/ Workshops
Public Environmental Lecture Series: Photocatalytic Nanotechnology: From Lab to Market
22 Sep 2010 Seminars/ Workshops
Seminar by visiting scholar: Biological Treatment of Source separated bioWaste – Options and Efficiency
02 Jun 2010 Seminars/ Workshops