"Know Your Own Waste" Public Engagement-Community Education Programme: Focus Group Meeting

18 January 2012

We would like to invite your company to join the focus group discussion for understanding business and professional concerns in managing waste at the sector level and contributing to solve the waste problem in Hong Kong. 

We, Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment (ARCPE) at Hong Kong Baptist University is a non-profit making organization which carries the motion of "THINK AHEAD, THINK CLEAN LIVING". We aim to develop a platform constituting stakeholders from Hong Kong and PRD to tackle trans-boundary pollution problems. We have been recently granted a support from the Government’s Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) to undertake the captioned programme and the programme is also supported by Wofoo Social Enterprises Ltd. The aim of the programme is to enhance communication with a wider public on the rationalities and issues related to waste management, thus promote an environmentally sustainable community in Hong Kong.

As one major component of the programme, a focus group discussion will be conducted on 18 January, 2012, so as to collect views from different stakeholders, including local business groups, academics, green groups, civic groups, and general public. The details of the meeting is listed for your reference:

Date: 18/1/2012(Wed)
Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Venue: SCT909, 9/F, Cha Chi-ming Science Tower, HSH Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong

During a focus group discussion, you will be provided with quick facts of the waste problems we are facing, and then given opportunities to express your thoughts on how to improve/modify the waste management strategies to benefit your business in cutting down the treatment cost and how to enhance public awareness to facilitate the process.

As a participant of the focus group discussion session, you will also be entitled to:
• An electronic copy of consultation result summary that is not directly accessible by general public;
• A certificate of attendance; and
• Priority to register the public seminars and public field visits scheduled in January to June 2012.