Public Environmental Seminar - Sludge Management : current status and perspectives

13 July 2012
Prof. D.J. Lee

Seminar focus:
-An overview of sludge management practice
-Insights provided: flocs in sludge and their role
-Ways of finding optimal sludge management
-Chance for innovation

Professor Duu-Jong Lee obtained his BS and PhD from National Taiwan University (NTU) in 1984 and 1992, respectively, Dr Lee joined NTU as a faculty member in 1992, and jointed appointed by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology since 2010. Dr Lee's expertise includes heat and mass transfer, bioenergy from waste, and membrane applications. He has served as an investigator for a number of industrial R&D projects funded by industrial collaborators and government agencies, and has been serving as a consultant to the industry in Taiwan in the area of wastewater treatment. Dr Lee has published over 1000 technical articles and awarded five patents.